KouKamma Local Municipality


Mziwamadoda Qalaba
Director Technical and Community Services

The Technical and Community Services Department is responsible for the development and implementation of processes, systems and strategies designed to procure and sustain infrastructural capacity required by the Municipality in its quest to provide quality services to the community as well as ensuring that resources at the Municipality’s disposal are equitably distributed to all areas of operation to enhance service delivery to benefit the people. As well as ensuring provision of an acceptable standard of Social Services, Emergency Services, Environmental and Health Services, Community Safety and Road Traffic Management and.

The Department will also be responsible for the following:

  • Ensure acceptable water and sanitation services 
  • Provide approved building plans and site inspections;
  • Ensure effective electricity distribution to consumers (Develop and implement monitoring mechanisms for provision of electricity by Eskom);
  • Provision of effective repairs and maintenance of municipal infrastructure;
  • Management of all sewer plants and operations 
  • Ensure compliance to building maintenance regulations as per National Building Regulations;
  • Ensure compliance to building health regulations;
  • Development and management of waste disposal sites;
  • Construction and maintenance of roads and storm water infrastructure;
  • Provision of efficient and coordinated health and occupational health services,
  • Manages and monitors the implementation of pollution and environmental degradation prevention strategy
  • Provision of efficient and coordinated firefighting services (Develop and implement monitoring mechanisms for provision of this services by the District Municipality);
  • Proper management of Municipal community facilities including, sportfields and community halls;
  • Public spaces and recreation centres, parks and facilities.

Technical and Community Director: Mr. Mzwamadoda Qalaba