Sep 04 2014

Water is Life

Water is Life Education Programme
On the 18th of August 2014, the Koukamma Municipality in collaboration with WESSA launched the “Water is Life” Education Programme. This is a programme focusing on educating learners in all the schools in Koukamma to save water and become water heroes.
In addressing the learners the Mayor of Koukamma, Cllr Sam Vuso said:
I want to ask all learners to be water wise Heroes by saving water everywhere they can. All people, animals and birds need water every day to stay alive. With enough water there will be trees in the plantations, fruit and vegetables. We cannot make water; it is a gift that we get from the rain. The rain fills our rivers, dams and tanks. When it does not rain enough, water levels in our dams and rivers become low. Without enough water we all suffer.

Together YOU and I can save a lot of water:
1. We can use just enough for what we need.
2. We can keep water clean and healthy by not throwing rubbish into dams, streams and rivers.
3. We can see to it that water is saved not wasted.
My dream is for every one of our youth to be a HERO by saving one litre of water per day.
Thank YOU for helping. BIG things come from doing many small things.

Water is life, save it today!

Water is Life Water life