Jun 23 2014

Mayors Cup


Building and Sustaining Social Cohesion and Unity through Sport development

On the 21 March 2014, the Koukamma Municipality launched its annual Mayor’s cup under the theme “Building and Sustaining Social Cohesion and Unity through Sport development”.  The objectives of the Mayor’s Cup are to encourage sport development in the area, bring youth closer to sport, identify and expose talent, promote participation in sports so that the youth can play in multitudes, create interactive community participation through sport and recreation and to identify and expose talent so that the players can partake in provincial and national games. Following the launch, different sporting codes ranging from soccer, netball and tennis were competing for the Mayors Cup in the different areas of Koukamma Municipality.

In her key note address, the Cacadu District Municipality Mayor Executive Eunice Kekana highlighted the importance of sport as an essential service and as a developer. “Sport is a support to education, a healthy child has a healthy mind, a healthy mind results to a healthy citizenry,” she said.  Mayor Kekana further encouraged young people to engage in sports because sport develops one’s future “when you deal with sport you have a sharp mind, you think constructively”. Government has a responsibility to ensure service delivery to its citizenry and that includes ensuring that there are decent sporting fields.  Cllr Brendon Jantjies of Koukamma shared the Mayor’s sentiments and said that it is through sport that we can unite our communities and have cohesion.

As we celebrate the 20 years of freedom the Honourable Mayor of Koukamma Municipality Cllr Sam Vuso reflected on legends such as Steven Tshwete and the fundamental role they played in the democracy we are enjoying today and uniting people through sport. “The Mayor’s Cup is an attempt to unite all the communities of Koukamma because we need to work together,” he said. The further thanked all the sponsors and the Cacadu District Municipality for making the event possible. One of the sponsors Herald Ponoyi of Cape Pine (Pty) said sport can change people’s lives through individual development and promote one’s health. “Cape Pine is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and sport is one of our key focus areas. We are here to support the local municipality and are looking forward to see the best team that that Cup home”.

“Indeed we have a good story to tell,” said Ntsikelelo Toyi of the Koukamma Local Football Association. He thanked the office of the Mayor for the opportunity and requested the parents to motivate their children through sports. “I want to see future sport champions from Koukamma,” he said.

There were sporting kits sponsored to the different sporting codes of the Koukamma Minicipality. The event was well attended by the district and local councilors, officials, sporting codes and members of the public.



From left Cllr Noel O Connel of CDM, Cllr Suze Jacobs of KKM, Mayor Sam Vuso of KKM, Executive Mayor Eunice Kekana of CDM and Mr Herald Ponoyi of Cape Pine.


KKM Mayor Sam Vuso and CDM Mayor Eunice Kekana handing over sport kits to local sport teams.