Jul 22 2014

Mandela Day


Take action, inspire change, make every day a Mandela day.


In celebration of Tata Madiba’s birthday the Koukamma municipality embarked on a massive clean-up campaign in the Ravinia location. The municipality also tackled to clean up all the various illegal dumping sites in the area. Amongst the people who were involved in cleaning up the area was the Mayor of Koukamma Municipality Sam Vuso, councillors and officials all carrying black bags doing their 67 minutes and more of community service and setting an example by picking up litter. Members of the public also started lending a helping hand. While addressing the community, Mayor Vuso encouraged the public to keep their communities clean and promised that the municipality will continue to assist with the cleaning even after Mandela Day.

Horizontal Mandela Day

Mayor Sam Vuso was amongst community members cleaning for the 67minutes of Mandela Day.