Jun 22 2015

Koukama hosts Career Exhibition

In a bid to address terrible socio economic conditions facing farm learner’s namely teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and violence at schools, the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature in collaboration with the Department of Education and Koukamma Municipality hosted a provincial school careers expo. The event took place on Friday, 19th June and Saturday, 20th June 2015 at Paul Sauer High School in Kareedouw.

The primary aim of the event was to showcase careers, different fields of study and bursary opportunities offered by Government Departments, Institutions of Higher Learning, Public Entities and the Private Sector so that participants are given an opportunity to interact directly with representatives from those institutions. The secondary aim is to address the critical skills shortage in the local municipal area.

Youth ExhibitionDSC_0429 (3)

Scholars attending the career expo

Youth ExhibitionDSC_0441 (3)

MEC for education motivating learners

Youth ExhibitionDSC_0498 (3)

Scholars exploring the stalls

Youth ExhibitionDSC_0505 (3)

Scholars exploring the stalls

The programme for the first day was attended by 700 Learners across Koukamma and Kouga Municipalities, Educators and School Governing Body Members. The focus on the second day is Out-of-School-Youth and members of Civil Society.

The expo consisted of about 50 stalls providing career guidance in a variety of fields. Its saw government, captains of industries and academic institution leaders converge under one roof united to salvage disadvantaged school learners. Also attending was the Speaker of the Eastern Cape Legislature Noxolo Kiviets, MEC for Education Mandla Makhuphula, Koukamma Mayor Sam Vuso, Councillors, scholars, out of school youth and various officials from government.

Youth ExhibitionDSC_0530 (3)

Out of school youth

Youth ExhibitionDSC_0562 (2)

Out of school youth

Youth ExhibitionDSC_0628 (3)

Miss South Africa motivating our school youth











Honourable Speaker of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature: Noxolo Kieviet

Honourable MEC for Education: Tata Mandla Makupula

NMMU, Rhodes Universities, Port Elizabeth College, FET Agricultural College, and all others present,

Fellow Councillors;

Distinguished guests from Government Departments and Business;

Fellow Patriots;

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the Career Expo hosted by the Department of Education, Province of the Eastern Cape in collaboration with Koukamma Municipality. There is no better timing to convene this Career Expo other than the month of June, which we recognize as a historical moment in South African history, we all know by now why June 16 of 1976 is worth to be remembered.

To the youth of today, of which students are an integral part, there is no better way to carry forward the issues of the Youth of 1976, than to better yourselves in all facets of life. Talking about bettering yourselves, education is one of the main pillars of building a better society. I encourage you, the youth of today, students that are here, to arm yourselves with education so that you can build a better society.

In today’s exhibition, different stalls are going to be displayed. I urge you to explore all the different career options and materials and use the opportunity to choose the most adequate or appropriate career path that will enable you to contribute positively in shaping a better South Africa for all.

To our Provincial Government, of the Eastern Cape, thank you for choosing Koukamma Municipality for this important and great event. We understand and appreciate other challenges that face our government as well as the youth such as unemployment, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, HIV and AIDS etc, however, programmers of this nature are part of moving our country forward.

To parents and members of our communities, teachers and all other relevant stake holders, let us work together and invest in our youth .

Former President OR Tambo, once said, I quote, “A nation that does not invest in its youth does not deserve a future” close quote.

I thank you !!!