Apr 16 2015

Draft IDP 2015/2016

koukamma idp

Draft IDP 2015/2016

Since the assumption of the new term of council, the political office bearers of Koukamma Municipality, informed by the provisions of the Municipal Structures Act 1998, Municipal Systems Act (No 32 of 2000) and Municipal Finance Management Act of (No 56 of 2003) resolved to develop and adopt a Five-year Integrated Development Plan (IDP) which has to be reviewed annually.

 This entails a reviewed Integrated Development Plan for the financial 2015/16 which expresses the vision and overarching mission of the Municipality, and it determines the key service delivery mandate of a developmental local government in order to provide affordable, qualitative and sustainable services to the local stakeholders. This IDP review process (2015/2016) is built on past work, our experience in governing Koukamma Municipality, and the inputs of our citizens through workshops and continuous interaction. While the annual review of the IDP is legislated, it is also critical for the Koukamma Municipal Council’s planning to consistently update these plans and to continue communicating with our stakeholders.

Document can be downloaded 2015-16 Draft IDP